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At Whinker, we work every day to create a worldwide community where experts can share their knowledge and learners can access to educational materials. Our aim is to deliver the best tools and educational resources for those who cannot access to traditional education such as schools or universities and to establish a community of wide thinkers where people can connect with each other via the process of learning. We want to provide the resources to help others to improve their lives and elevate their educational level. Would you like to know how we do it? One of the tools that we use to pursue our goal are the Open Educational Resources.


The open educational resources (OER) are any type of educational materials which can be found in the public domain and are characterized by the fact that they are published with an open license. Through the establishment of these type of licenses of intellectual property and use of material, everyone can legally access to free resources as well as copy, use, adapt, and share this content in any way they desire.       

Among the open educational resources, we can mention papers, exams, videos, animation and classes. You can access all these knowledge and educational material of high quality for free and something that is particularly relevant about the OER, is the fact that you can learn about everything, for example aerospace engineering, social sciences, agriculture, and everything that is in the scope of you next goal. The access to these relevant educational resources is generated through the collaboration of different individuals which are experts at their fields and this allow that everyone who is interested in learning, improving processes and creating or emulating activities to improve their communities, have the chance to do it without any cost.

At Winker we are convinced that it is in our hands to improve the access to educational resources in several regions of our planet, particularly in developing countries. With our practical workshops, volunteering, and delivering practical resources throughout our online library, we will achieve our goal which is to transfer this knowledge and expertise from our Wide Thinkers or Whinkers to the community and to our society in general.

Whinker is a community of wide thinkers where everyone who has the knowledge and desire to improve the quality of life of others can do it. Our passion is to deliver and transfer information from our experts to the public, particularly to the members who want to learn new skills and improve their life conditions, and by doing so, we are creating a community of knowledge transferring and crowdsourced solutions to the problems that affect our society. We invite you to be a Wide Thinker!

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